Meet the Author series at the Nordic House

Since the autumn of 2015, the Nordic House has organized monthly Meet the Author evenings with exciting and relevant Nordic writers. Our goal is to present a wide variety of interesting writers whom we invite to talk about their books and authorship.

The writers are interviewed in one of the Scandinavian languages by a well-grounded and skilfull moderator and they answer questions from eager and well-read readers and literature lovers in the audience.

During the break, refreshments are available from AALTO Bistro, the restaurant at the Nordic House, and many visitors choose to have dinner at the restaurant prior to the event.

Meet the Author series 2017-18

  • 05.09 Sørine Steenholdt (GR)
  • 03.10 Geir Gulliksen (NO)
  • 07.11 Tom Buk-Swienty (DK)
  • 09.01 2018 Vigdis Hjort (NO)
  • 06.02. Sissal Kampmann (FÆR)
  • 06.03 2018 Josefine Klougart (DK
  • April – No author
  • 08.05 – Merete Pryds Helle (DK)


The programme is not finished and is subject to change.